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    WalWal 2018 Full MovieEnglish Dubbing
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    Walwal” is centered on a group of four friends – Dondi (Elmo Magalona), Intoy (Jerome Ponce), Marco (Kiko Estrada), and Bobby (Donny Pangilinan), who have forged their unbreakable friendship in high school and are now sophomores in college.

    Dondi, Intoy, Marco, and Bobby are bound together by the wealth of their past experiences and their natural love for the good times.

    The boys share a bond so great that they will do anything to protect each other as they traverse the most critical period of their adulthood.

    Unbeknownst to them is that sophomore year in college is a pivotal phase in their lives. Each of them will be confronted with a major dilemma that would determine their sense of direction.

    Portraying the boy’s love interests are Kisses Delavin (Ruby), Devon Seron (Trina), Jane De Leon (Carla), and Sofia Senoron (Shelby).

    Together, they will give “walwal” a whole new meaning as they define it as means to show each other unconditional support especially during rought times. That at the end of the day, they have each other’s back – kung WALang-WALa na sila sa buhay, karamay pa rin naman nila ang isa’t isa.

    “Walwal,” directed by Jose Javier Reyes, will be out in cinemas starting June 27!

    WalWal 2018 Full Movie

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    WalWal 2018 Full Movie