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    Pinoy Gay Kamasutra (2012) Full MovieEnglish Dubbing
    • IMDb Score: 4.6
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    Watch Pinoy Gay Kamasutra (2012)Pinoy Gay Kamasutra is an offering of Viva Digital, it is directed by Monti Parungao of the controversial indie film “Sagwan” and Hotmen of Provoq. It is a video stimulating the art of homosexual intimacy. It stars Jeff Luna, Wilson dela Paz, Richard Subirano, Red Diaz, Jay Mendoza, Andrew Subisol, and Axel Bo.

    The video contains information on simulating, touching, caressing, kissing, and systematically exploring various positions and styles. This is the complete step-by-step erotic direction on how to discover numerous ways to enjoy, give, receive and make your bedroom experience meaningful.

    Pinoy Gay Kamasutra also explains the anatomical aspect of acquiring and giving pleasure to your partner. Hear a different gay men reveal their thoughts on sexuality and relate factual experiences.

    Genre: Documentary

    Country: Philippines

    Duration: 80 min

    Quality: SD

    Release: 2009

    IMDb: 5.1

    Pinoy Gay Kamasutra (2012) Full Movie

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    Pinoy Gay Kamasutra (2012) Full Movie